If you are experiencing abuse or violence, there is help. Please call Minnesota’s Day One Crisis Hotline at 866.223.1111
to connect to an advocate in your area.

Roxie's Hope - Hope and Independence for survivors of Domestic Violence

Ways to Give - Roxie's Hope

Restoring Hope and Independence for survivors of Domestic Violence

How are your donation dollars to Roxie’s Hope used?  Great question!

Roxie’s Hope mission is to provide financial assistance to survivors of Domestic Violence during their transition to independent living.

For every donation we are supporting women and children to take the next step to become independent after living in a domestic violence shelter.  Our grants include help with rent, car repairs, bus tickets/ travel fees, application’s fees for assistance and other necessary funds to help reduce the barriers of them becoming free of their abusers. 

  • How can you help?
  • Planned Giving – Monthly or annually donations to Roxie’s Hope
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If you are interested in more information or have a great idea about other ways to give:

  • Corporate Giving- Matching funds?
  • Community Charitable Giving?
  • Bequests/ Family foundation donations?
  • Fundraising Events we can join/ ideas for us?

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