If you are experiencing abuse or violence, there is help. Please call Minnesota’s Day One Crisis Hotline at 866.223.1111
to connect to an advocate in your area.

Roxie’s Story

Restoring Hope and Independence for survivors of Domestic Violence

“There’s no greater purpose than service to others.” ~Nick Nolte

ROXIE’S HOPE works in conjunction with domestic violence shelters in Minnesota to provide financial assistance to survivors of domestic violence during their transition to independent living. 

ROXIE’S HOPE has been formed to continue her passion, her kindness and her service – her legacy!  After the untimely passing of Roxie Karelis in 2020, her dreams of starting this organization were discovered by her family and friends.  To continue her purpose we gathered in her honor to carry on with her dream of everyone deserving to live a violence free life. 

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Roxie KarelisIn addition to being devoted to her family, Roxie dedicated her life to serving victims and survivors of domestic violence. Roxie believed that everyone deserves to live a safe and happy life free of violence. She worked day and night to make this happen.  Because of Roxie’s tenacity, she opened and established programs for Black Dog Hill Shelter in 2009—the first shelter for women and children in Central Minnesota.  

“If it weren’t for Roxie and the Black Dog Hill shelter, I wouldn’t be where I am today.  Roxie had reason after reason to kick me out, but she never gave up on me.  I manage a sober house and advocate for women in domestic violence.  I am now married, have a great relationship with my children, and just became a grandmother for the 5th time.    Roxie was an absolute blessing to me in my life and I am forever grateful for her!”  ~TP, survivor

Roxie’s lifelong service to domestic violence is immeasurable and the impact on survivors is countless.  Our vision for Roxie’s Hope is to create a world of Hope and Independence for survivors of Domestic Violence.

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