If you are experiencing abuse or violence, there is help. Please call Minnesota’s Day One Crisis Hotline at 866.223.1111
to connect to an advocate in your area.

Char Weidendorf

Char Weidendorf:


Char lives in Mora, Mn with her husband George of over 50 years.  She has 2 children, 5 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren. 

Char’s daughter, Rahya worked for The Refuge Network as an advocate and she introduced her to the world of domestic violence. 

For three years Char and her husband were volunteers and had a "Safe Home" for The Refuge Network clients.  They provided shelter to those in need when leaving an abusive relationship and had nowhere to go to breathe and take steps to create a better future for themselves. 

She met Roxie in 2007 when she became the new director of The Refuge Network.  When Roxie opened the Black Dog Hill Shelter in 2009, she became the shelter advocate and soon after the shelter manager for 10 years. 

In those ten years, Roxie taught her more about life with domestic violence, survivors' will to live, lead a different life, and the ability for her to have more compassion and empathy for those in need.  She is truly blessed to have had the privilege to have known Roxie Karelis.