If you are experiencing abuse or violence, there is help. Please call Minnesota’s Day One Crisis Hotline at 866.223.1111
to connect to an advocate in your area.

Adri Fore

Adri Fore:

Adri lives in Mora with her husband Slade, daughters Ada and Atleigh and their 2 dogs.

She is a nurse and enjoys being home with her daughters.  She met Roxie in 2007 when Roxie joined The Refuge Network and was Adri’s mom, Rahya’s new boss. 

Since Roxie came into her life she has been family; spending countless birthdays, holidays and family time together.  Roxie and her daughter Trish were a huge part in her graduating from nursing school.  They were gracious enough to watch her newborn while she attended class.  She has so many memories of Roxie over the years and hopes to make more in her memory.  Being a part of Roxie’s Hope and continuing her legacy of helping survivors of domestic violence is an honor for her.